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Digital storytelling with Alan Levine at Learning Connections (LC) District Champions Conference

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The morning of April 29, 2011 saw more than 30 Ontario teachers from 10 districts turn into storytellers with the assistance of Alan Levine at the LC District Champions Conference held at York University. 


Levine (@CogDog on Twitter) is widely recognized nationally and internationally for expertise in the application of new technologies to educational environments and was a pioneer on the web going back to 1993. An early proponent of blogs and RSS for information sharing, he shares his ideas and discoveries at CogDogBlog ( 


Based on his wiki, 50 Web 2.0 Ways to Tell a Story, Levine took the teachers through the full process of digital story telling in three easy steps during the “Sharing Our Stories” workshop: 

  1. Outline a Story Idea
  2. Find Some Media
  3. Pick a Tool and Build Your Story

Teachers then assembled their own stories based on the tools Levine showcased.  Stay tuned for a link to their work, which we will be posting shortly. 


Here are some Tweets from teachers who attended the event: 


@sky2004 - Great list of web2.0 tools via @cogdog to use with students in creating digital storytelling (and so much more) 


@fpanju - amazed by the wide range of tools available for digital storytelling! So many possibilities... 


@Lisa_Donohue - Love the list of digital tools....looks very useful: can't wait to share with kids! 


You can check out Levine’s PowerPoint presentation from the workshop here. 


Learning Connections is made possible by a grant from the Literacy & Numeracy Secretariat, Ministry of Education and is a sister program of Advanced Broadband Enabled Learning (ABEL). 

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